Art after 1945


this post is about art after 1945.


Existentialism Art

existentialism was a renewed social, cultural and artistic craze that followed World War II. It concerned a specific set of ideas related to human existence, thought and ideas that were abstract and were generally unique to each individual. Existentialism in art was similar to expressionism and renewed the same sort of cynical ideas about human existence.

Abstract Expressionism

Abstract Expressionism sprang up with the idea of expressing a state of mind. Considered the birth of “modern art”, artists who painted during the Abstract Expressionism movement wanted viewers to really reach deeply for understanding of an image. They wanted the ideas about the painting to be free of conventional thinking and believed that their images would have a unique, instinctive meaning for each viewer

 splatter-paint image done in the style of Jackson Pollock. 

Pop Art

A new brand of art called Pop Art emerged in the 1950s as a surprising break-away from previous movements. Artists in the Pop Art movement felt that Abstract Expressionist art was alienating the audience and sought to use their art to communicate more effectively with the viewer.

An image done in the style of Andy Warhol, who arguably extended and innovated the Pop Art movement.



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