Perspective Drawing is a technique used to represent three-dimensional images on a two-dimensional picture plane. In our series of lessons on perspective drawing we explain the various methods of constructing an image with perspective and show how these are used by artists and illustrators.

  1. One point perspective drawing.

One point perspective drawing has one vanishing point at the horizon line. therefore all the receding line coming from the object or any sketch seem to meet to vanish and the View point. Single point perspective adss more depth to the image and gives it an illusiorary effect. One point usually used to illustate railway, hallways, reads corridors and the the likes.


Image result for 1 point perspective drawing
One point perspective drawing


2. Two- point perspective drawing

One of the most widely used perspective, drawings, as it gives a very realistic feel to the sketch . This particular perspective consists at two vanishing point on the horizon lines, and this angle is generally termed 3/4 perpective or an angular perspective. When an observer is veiwing a building from this corner all the parallel lines on the night side of the building meet at the night vanishing point.

Image result for 2 point perspective drawing
2 point perspective drawing.

the example of 1 point and two point perspective drawing

3. Three- point perspective

3 point perspective drawing is ussually an exanggerated form of illustration, and is usually drown with the spectates either below the horizon  or above the horizon. this perspective drawing has 3 vanishing points two can the horizon line and one either above or bellow horizon.

Image result for 3 point perspective drawing
3 point perspective drawing



My 2 point perspective sketches.

the stairs at fsk 234 next to the art studio at level 9

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