Rythms, Repetation and Movement

  1. What is rythm.

    Rhythm is like pattern, in that the same elements (i.e.shape, line) are repeated; however, with rhythm there are slight variations in the pattern. Rhythm is easily perceived but complex and subtle. Think of  water on a beach; it  continually breaks on the shore in lines that are repeated,  yet each one is different.

Image result for rhythm pattern
the example of rythm pattern

Rhythm is most easily understood within music. Rhythm represents our desire for order. Rhythm is like our own heartbest; it gives us a sense of the pulsing of life.

example of rythm in visual art

Image result for starry night
Vincent van Gogh The Starry Night    Saint Rémy, June 1889.
Oil on canvas, 29 x 36 1/4″ (73.7 x 92.1 cm).


2. what is Repetation

Repetition refers to one object or shape repeated; pattern is a combination of elements or shapes repeated in a recurring and regular arrangement; rhythm–is a combination of elements repeated, but with variations

Image result for repeatation patern
repeatation in organic pattern

3. What is movement

Using art elements to direct a viewer’s eye along a path through the artwork, and/or to show movement, action and direction. Also, giving some elements the ability to be moved or move on their own, via internal or external power.

In a still picture such as a painting or photograph, where nothing is actually moving, various strategies can be used to give the viewer a sense of movement and speed, or to move the viewer’s eye through the work. These include lines, diagonals and unbalanced elements; blurring; placement; direction; and motion lines and afterimages.


source: http://flyeschool.com/content/elements-artdesign-and-principles-designorganization



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