W3: Curriculum and Instrustion

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone..

This week, I did not able to join EDU555 class because I ‘m joining the ” Walkabout” program with the Deputy Prime Minister at Sk Puncak Alam 3.

Thanks shout out for my classmate ( Athirah) for helping me with the notes and the audio recording!

so today’s topic is about Curriculum and Instruction

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  1. Interaction / Dynamic Model
    -To overcome the weaknesses of the Tyler’s Model, Taba
    (1962) and Cohen proposed a more dynamic process of
    curriculum development
    – It is a modification of the Tyler’s Model
    – In this model, curriculum development is seen as a dynamic
    -It may begin with any of the four curriculum element i.e.
    objectives, contents, methods, evaluation and these
    elements can be followed in any sequence
  2. Image result for hisyam edu555 interaction model

-No fixed objectives:
By not stating objectives first, the objectives may be
accommodated to suit the contents.
As a result, the objectives are not in line with the initial
– No fixed direction
Continuous changing of direction during the process of
curriculum development will result in a disorganised

The Interaction Model is practical and flexible and can
be appropriately used to design the curriculum

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Also known as “Grass-roots approach’.
– Based on the rationale that those who teach the curriculum
i.e. the teacher, should participate in developing the
– Teacher should have major input in curriculum
– Agreed with Tyler that there should be a definite
order in developing the curriculum to facilitate
attaining a more thoughtful and dynamically
conceived curriculum

Image result for hisyam edu555 taba model


thats all thankyouuuuuuuuuu




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