W6: Instructional Objectives

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone.

this week, I learn about instructional objectives

so why we have to know instructional objectives?

  • To start teaching: Teacher must be guided by instructional objective following by strategies and tools to accomplish the task, and the evaluate, and the outcome.
  • Every objective= need to have strategies.

Desired outcomes of learning

  • Help teachers, administers and society to asses the products of the system

Robert Mager format of instructional objective

  • Objective must be observable and measurable/quantifiable 
  • Behavioral objective
  1.  Student behavior

  • what the learner will able to do when he has mastered the objective
  • what they will doing or behavior
  • to explain, intensify, measure, to list

    2.  Testing Behavior

  • under what condition he will able to do it
  •  the condition under which the behavior will be observed

    3. Performance criteria

  • what standard of the performance level defined as acceptable
  • indicating correctness, speed,rate or respond.

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