Week 12

Assalamualaikum everyone!

Im so nervous for today. Yes, it my turn to perform the  microteaching. I am the lucky number two. I am so nervous, even I don’t  relive that I did not take any picture on my important day. Even for a selfie .. poor me. But Alhmadullilah praise for Allah, I have done with my miroteaching.


so, the topic I choose to teach my class is ” Jalinan”. I bought  a mystery box that actually contain cucumber and the dried plant to grab attention the student in my class. It also a good set induction in my class. all the student so some interest and make me so ready to teach. Thanks god that the lesson plan really help us, a teaher during lesson process.


Image result for box

so, foer the activity, i choose to do some paper quilling activities since in on their sllybus and text book. Its quite interesting and enjoyable.



Lastly, after the performance, I got some comment from my lecturer,  I receive that my open heart and do some self reflection. even my micro teaching is not perfect, I am so glad I have finish my turn and the student also enjoy in my class.




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