W1: Teacher Profile

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

For the first week of lecture, we learn about the Teacher Profile. there is three important thing in Teacher Profile.

Teacher Profile

  1. Content/ Knowledge
  • Subject Matter
  • curriculum/sillybus
  • Educational Physcology- theory of learning, growth and development, learning style.

2. Skills

  • Writter, oral
  • Pedagogy – approach /method
  • Instructional material- preparation/adoption
  • Evaluation-what to evaluate and how

3. Personality

  • Teacher personality/ appearance
  • Positive quality
  • Role model

The qualities of an effective Teachers

  • Prepare well and clear goal for teaching
  • Teaching content with all their possible
  • They aim to seethat children spend as much time on task as possible
  • They have high expectation for all student
  • Ask higher level question.
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