Self- Reflection

week 1

In week 1, I have learn about the basic drawing and mark. I also can use variety of lines and technique in my drawing such as hatching and sribling.

I also try to do a lot of practice sketching using difrent line and technique to add more value and colour tone.

week 2

In week 2, I have learn about element of art. which is line, form and texture. I undertand that textures cames in two type, there are physical texture and visual texture. we can touch and feel the physical texture because it is 3dimension. Visual texture is only visual. We can see the texture but cannot feel the texture.

week 3

in week 3, I understand about principle of design. All of principle of design such as rythms, unity and harmony is important in every artworks. for example a drawing without harmony cannot be interesthing.

week 4

In week 4, I have studied about the history of art movement form the 19th century until after 1945 century. I have understand that every movement have their own important in every event during that time.